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List of Duties of a Choir Member

Many choirs are affiliated with churches.
choeur de cathédrale image by Philippe BERNARD from Fotolia.com

With choir membership comes a number of specific duties. While each choir has unique membership expectations, most groups generally outline a list of membership responsibilities that include rehearsals, private preparation, and the anticipated commitment during a calendar year or performance season. Religious choirs may have additional membership duties revolving around holiday performances and church retreats.


Choirs generally expect members to be on time and prepared for rehearsals. Many choirs have weekday rehearsals in the evenings. Some rehearse an hour or two before a worship service or performance. Members should arrive early to properly warm up their voices for a rehearsal. If missing a rehearsal is unavoidable, a choir member should let the choir director know as soon as possible in case a substitute is needed.


Choir membership typically requires additional practice time at home beyond rehearsals. Because choir directors generally select music in advance of worship services or performances, a choir member should obtain any sheet music and accompanying CDs early in order to practice at home prior to a rehearsal. Going over the music at home ensures rehearsals will run as efficiently as possible.


Choirs typically require participation during Sunday worship services as well as special holiday performances. A choir member should commit to normal weekday rehearsals, Sunday worship and holiday performances that are included in the choir handbook.

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