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How to Decorate Tent Wedding Poles

Decorating wedding tent poles is a cheap, easy and effective way to carry your wedding theme and colors into your ceremony and/or reception décor. Tall and subtle decorations help set the mood for the room and turn a drab tent into a visually attractive area.

Things You'll Need:

  • Scissors
  • Poster Putty
  • Clear Tape
  • Wide Tulle
  • Artificial Blooming Roses

Using Tulle

When you buy the tulle to decorate with, remember it should be at least four inches wide when folded. Tulle is usually sold in wide, folded rolls, so it shouldn’t be hard to find at a local craft store. Cut a piece of tulle around eight feet long.

Start two-thirds of the way up the pole and wrap the tulle tightly around two times. Tie the tulle in a small knot and secure to pole with a small piece of clear tape.

Take the hanging ends of the tulle and tie them into a large bow, at least two feet wide. Let the remaining tulle hang loose below the bow.

Cut the stem off a fake rose. Use the tape to secure the rose to the middle of the bow by looping the tape inside out and using as a fastener. Use a little poster putty too if the tape is having a hard time sticking.

Repeat process with remaining tent poles.

Other Choices

If you want a fancier alternative than tulle, you have several choices. You can use rich ribbons and real flowers instead of tulle and fake flowers. You can also try mini light ropes or leafy garlands spiraled up the poles. If you really want to splurge, use fancy beaded garlands spiraled around the poles.

If you need a more budget-friendly alternative to buying miles of tulle, try using paper steamers instead. You can wrap the poles with the streamers and make paper flowers to match. You can even splurge a little with real ribbons for the top of each pole while still keeping to a small budget.

If you’re wedding tent has stakes in addition to poles, you may want to decorate the stakes too. Just cut a short piece of tulle and wrap each stake with a bow. You can also set a plant pot tied with a tulle bow in front on the stake to hide it from view.


Do not cut the tulle so long that the ends of the bow fall to the floor. Having the fabric close to the floor greatly increases the chances of someone getting caught up in the tulle. In a minor case it might just cause embarrassment, but in a serious case it could cause an injury.

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