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How to Make Crab Nets

If you like eating crabs, you can harvest your own using your homemade crab nets.
fishing nets image by Christopher Hall from Fotolia.com

Fishing has many different definitions and is sometimes considered a sport, sometimes an activity with a main purpose of obtaining food. Main methods of fishing include rod catching, spearing, netting, trapping and hand gathering. Crabs are one of the most popular crustaceans used for human consumption and are generally caught with various techniques, from using nets to using special crab traps. Depending how many crabs you want to catch, you may want to learn how to make crab nets and traps.

Prepare the hoop net for the construction of your crab net. A hoop net can be bought at any fishing store and that there are a variety of sizes and perimeters. The hoop net resembles a basketball net with a thinner metal circle running through the net at the top. Unlike a basketball net, it is closed on the bottom. It has a smaller metal circle at the bottom as well. If you can’t buy a hoop net, the construction of a similar contraption is simple, because it consists of two stainless steel rings and an interwoven nylon net over them. Just remember that the top is open and the bottom is closed.

Cut a strong rope into three identical pieces with a sharp knife. You can use any kind of a strong thread such as a clothing line rope you can buy in almost any home department store. Make each piece at least 1 foot long. Leave enough rope since you will need to lower your crab net into the water. So basically, the length of rope needed depends on the depth at which you will be catching crabs.

Tie three ends of the three ropes to one another. Use a strong, firm knot and check if it is secure enough so it doesn’t come undone later.

Tie the free ends of the ropes to the perimeter of the hoop net. Note that the three knots have to be evenly distributed all along the metal circle perimeter. The result should resemble a very loose peace sign.

Tie a strong, small metal ring to the joint knot at the top of your crab net.

Tie the rest of the rope to the metal ring in the middle of the crab net. Make sure to check the knot and make is secure and firm enough. The length of the rope will determine how low or deep can you set your crab net.

Things You'll Need:

  • Hoop net
  • Rope
  • Sharp knife
  • Metal ring


Instead of a clothing line rope, you can try using a common braided nylon cord.

If you want to engage into serious fishing and crab catching, learning how to make various knots is always a good idea.


  • Bear in mind that if you are not a good swimmer, any kind of fishing is potentially a dangerous activity, so make sure to follow all safety precautions and wear the proper protective gear. Before engaging into any crab catching, make sure to obtain a fishing license.
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