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How to Hang a Flag With Grommets

Flags can be hung on free standing poles or poles connected to walls
USA flag image by MAXFX from Fotolia.com

Grommets are metal or plastic rings that line holes in flags. The grommets are in place to prevent flags from tearing when hung from their poles. Hanging a flag is an important, time-honored tradition for places of government, clubs and of course, sport's fans. When hanging a flag you should always take into consideration possible rules regarding the appropriate location and treatment of the flag. Always familiarize yourself with the flag rules whether hanging a federal, state, club or team flag, so as not to offend or disgrace.

Location and Mounting

Choose an area for the flag to hang on the interior or exterior of the building. Make sure the area nearby is clear so that the flag will not tear. Hanging the flag in a method that causes tearing is a flag code violation.

Mount the stand for the flag to the wall or into the ground. If the stand is a pole, you must also connect the rope to it at this time.

Locate the two holes that have a ring of metal fastened into them. These are the grommets.

Hanging a Flag on a Free Standing Pole

Measure the length between the grommets and make note of it.

Make a small loop in the rope and push the loop through the eye of the snap hook.

Pass the loop over the head of the snap hook and pull it taut.

Measure down the rope from the snap hook, the same distance as the grommet measurement you took. This is where you will connect the second snap hook. Connect the other snap hook to the rope the same way as the first.

Connect the two snap hooks to the two grommets on the flag. Pull the rope until the flag is raised.

Hanging a Flag from a Pole Connected to the Wall

Hold the flag length-wise with the pole and pass a cable tie through the grommet. Pull the cable tie tight to secure it to the pole. Repeat for the other grommet and the hanging will be complete. If you will be using mounting screws, skip this step.

Unscrew the screw from the mounting rings and slide the rings onto the pole. The rings will need to be a distance apart that is equal to the distance between the grommets on the flag.

Hold the flag length-wise with the pole so that the grommets match up to the mounting rings.

Pass the screw through the grommet and thread it into the mounting ring. Repeat for the other grommet and mounting ring.

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