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How to Hang a Pinata From the Ceiling

Piñatas add fun and color to any children's party.
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The Piñata is a fun and popular party game and decoration for children's birthdays and other celebrations. They are made from papier-mache and are often filled with candy and other sweet treats for the kids to enjoy. These brightly-colored party favors are hung from trees or a clothesline outdoors, but hanging one from the ceiling is also possible and relatively simple.

Choose an appropriate spot for the piñata to hang. Large, open spaces work best; the bigger the room, the better.

Locate a rafter stud in the ceiling. Use a stud finder or simply knock and listen for differences in sound and echo. Ceiling rafter studs are typically separated 16 to 24 inches apart from one another, so have measuring tape handy.

Hammer a large nail roughly halfway into the ceiling stud. If you do not feel the nail penetrate a wooden rafter stud, move over a few inches and try again.

Remove the nail using the end of the hammer. Screw the ceiling hook into the hole made by the nail.

Thread a rope through the ceiling hook and attach an end to the piñata. Tie off the other end or have an adult hold it.

Things You'll Need:

  • Rope
  • Eye hook or other similar ceiling hook (with screw-in tip)
  • Hammer and nail
  • Stud finder (optional)


If you are unable to secure a hook into your ceiling, have two adults hold each end of a rope and stand on chairs, and then hang the piñata from the center of the rope.


  • Keep close adult supervision around children when using a piñata. Never hang a piñata from a light fixture, ceiling fan or chandelier.
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