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How to Mount Fishing Lures in a Shadow Box

Show off your lure collection in an attractive shadow box display.
fishing lure image by Gina Smith from Fotolia.com

Fishing lures accomplish exactly what their name suggests: luring fish. For a fishing enthusiast, the lure is an important part of the sport, and these little items are available in a large range of sizes and styles. They can be made from rubber, plastic or metal and often are brightly colored to help attract fish. Looking at a collection of lures can be like looking at artwork, so it's no wonder some people want to display their lures in their homes. Pinning the lures into a shadow box is an aesthetically pleasing and practical method of displaying them.

Remove the backing from the shadow box and lay it face up on a flat surface. Arrange all of the lures you would like to display on the backing. Try different numbers of rows and columns or different arrangements of the lures until you find one you are satisfied with. Leave the lures lying on the board.

Stick a pin in the backing above each lure at the spot from which you want it to hang. For lures that will hang vertically, this is simple. For lures that you want to hang horizontally, you may need to place two pins in the backing, one near the lure's front and one near the back, to keep it hanging level in the shadow box.

Thread the end of the fishing line through a lure in the same place you would tie it if you were going to fish with it. Tie the end of it back to the line so you have the lure hanging from a very small loop. Cut the loop off of the rest of the line, so you have just the lure and the loop. The knot will not need to hold the weight of a fish, so don't worry about making it strong or about what type of knot to use.

Hang the loop over a pin in the shadow box backing. Repeat tying loops through all of the lures and hanging them on pins. For lures that you want to hang horizontally, you will need to make a second loop and wrap it around the the back end to hold it up; then hang this on the second pin you placed in the backing for that lure.

Lift the backing to an upright position once all the lures are in place. Lift the front of the shadow box to an upright position and place the backing inside. Fold the metal clasps down to secure. Do not turn the shadow box face down to place the backing or the loops will slip off of the pins and your lures will fall.

Things You'll Need:

  • Pins
  • Fishing line
  • Scissors


Add other fishing-related items to fill your shadow box if you don't have enough lures to fill it. Set coils of fishing line, photos of a large catch or bobbers to help round out your display.

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