How to Make a Braided Leather Lanyard

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Things You'll Need

  • Leather lacing
  • Lanyard hook

Lanyards are not only practical solutions for keeping items such as cellphones, ID badges, lifeguard whistles and important documents close to you, but they also help prevent these items from getting lost. Lanyards can be fashionable as well as functional; a braided leather lanyard is as much an accessory as it is an object holder.

Making the Lanyard

Attach or suspend your lanyard hook from a counter, the back of a chair, or some other secure location to help make braiding easier.

Lace two strands of 1/8-inch leather lacing (each 80 inches long) through the hook. Center them so that you have four equal-sized pieces of cord hanging from the hook.


Pass the fourth cord under cords two and three, then back over cord two, working from right to left.


Pass strand one under both strands two and four, then back over strand four.


Pull tight and repeat the above steps until the lanyard is the length you want.


Tie an overhand knot and pull tightly to secure your lanyard.



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