How to Fuse a Paracord

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Things You'll Need

  • Barbecue lighter
  • Scissors

As the name suggests, paracord was utilized in parachutes during World War II. Made from strong nylon kernmantle, the rope has a myriad applications today. Lightweight and strong, paracord can be used for craft projects like lanyards and bracelets. If you need to join two pieces of paracord, you can make an attractive fused joint with a flame. The fused joint will be stronger and more attractive than a knot.

Cut one end of the paracord so that it is not frayed. Leave the other end slightly frayed as this will help when fusing the two pieces.

Light the barbecue lighter and hold the frayed end of the paracord near the flame. Allow the nylon tip to melt and become tacky.


Press the two cord ends together. Continue to apply pressure until they are fused and the paracord has cooled.



  • Do not hold the paracord in the flame or it will catch on fire. Molten nylon from the paracord can drip and will cause injury or damage to property. Use caution when handling the hot nylon cord, especially when pressing the two sides of the paracord together.


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