How to: Two Person Rope Trick

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Things You'll Need

  • Two long pieces of rope
  • A partner

The two person rope trick is a fun puzzle that has been around for over 250 years. It involves two people, each wearing a ropes tied to resemble handcuffs. The handcuffs are then looped around one another so that the two people are "linked." They must then free themselves from the other person without removing or breaking the handcuffs. The puzzle requires lateral thinking skills and imagination.

Setting Up

Tie each end of one piece of rope around your wrists, forming a pair of loose handcuffs. Do not tie the sections around your wrist too tightly. Leave enough space to easily slide a finger through.

Have your partner tie the end of the other section of rope around one of their wrists.

Take the remaining end, and loop it between your arms and your handcuffs. Then have your partner tie the end of rope around their remaining wrist.

Try to escape being linked to your partner without breaking the rope or removing it from your wrists.


Pull away from your partner and turn to your left, so that their section of rope is against the inside of your right wrist.

Slide the rope up your wrist until the begins to go under your handcuff. Slide it through the handcuff and over your right hand.

Pull your right hand and you will come free of your partner.


  • Leaving the rope long enough so that you or your partner can step over it makes this puzzle much more entertaining.

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