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How to Make a Beaded Owl

Pony beads are used to create a variety of beaded animals.
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Beads have always been a popular craft item for kids of all ages and making animals out of pony beads is popular. Whether you are making the animals as decoration or making them for a key chain, they can be created with a variety of types of beads and made by kids and adults of all ages. Making a beaded owl key chain can be a great indoor activity for those rainy afternoons.

Things You'll Need:

  • 3 Orange Beads
  • 4 Feet Of Satin Cord
  • 13 Tan Beads
  • 2 Black Beads
  • 1 Lanyard Hook
  • 28 Brown Beads

Take the two ends of the cord and hold them together to find the center of the cord. Take the loop of the cord center and place it through the bottom of the lanyard hook. Pull the two ends of the cord through the loop to create a half hitch knot. You will then have the two long strings of the cord hanging down.

Begin with the left side and string four brown beads. Take the right side string and put it through the same beads but in the opposite direction. On each string, add an additional brown bead at the end, then thread each string end back through the original four beads. These individual beads create the owl’s ears.

Take the ends to string the next row of beads. This row consists of one brown, black, orange, black and finally, brown. This row works in the same way as the first row. Take one end through the beads in one direction and the other string through the opposite direction.

Continue to string the beads in opposite directions for each row in the same manner as in the previous steps. Row 3 consists of two brown, three tan and two brown, in that order. Row four consists of two brown, four tan and two brown. Row five is two brown, three tan and two brown. Row six is two brown, two tan and two brown. Row seven is two brown, one tan and two brown.

Take each end of the cord and loop them around the first brown bead of row seven and back through the second brown bead. Have the end of the cord come down to the bottom where you will attach one orange bead on each cord for the owl’s feet. Thread the cord through the orange bead and then back through the brown bead. This time thread each cord through the remaining beads of row seven.

Tie a double knot at the end of each side of the cord to complete your owl.


Lay out your beads in the owl pattern before you begin stringing the beads. This will make it easier to remember the order in which the colors go. For a more glamorous owl, try using glass or crystal beads instead of pony beads.

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