How to Make a String of Beer Can Lights

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Recycling your old beer cans needn't involve a trip to the recycling bank. With a little time you can use them to make a fun and unusual string of decorative lights or lanterns to brighten an evening barbecue or make an unusual party feature. All it takes is a little time and patience. You probably should wait until after the effects of the beer have worn off before you start this project!

Beer cans can be converted from trash into an interesting lighting feature.
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Things You'll Need

  • 10 Tea Lights
  • 6 Ft To 8 Ft Length Of Strong But Flexible Wire
  • Thick Sharp Needle
  • 10 Empty Beer Cans
  • Sharp Scissors Or Craft Knife

Collect your empty beer cans, wash them thoroughly inside and out and leave them to dry.

Hold a beer can firmly in one hand and with your other hand use a needle to prick a series of holes along the outline of the beer's name and logo.

Use the point of your scissors or craft knife to make two bigger holes about 1 inch from the top of the can, just wide enough for you to thread your length of wire through. These holes should be directly opposite each other on the sides of the can with the perforated logo to the front.

Use the scissors or craft knife to cut out the top of the can inside the rim as smoothly and close to the edge as possible. Be careful! Metal edges can be very sharp.

Repeat steps 3 and 4 with all ten cans.

Place a tea-light inside each can.

Take your length of wire and twist it round at one end to form a loop big enough to fit over a hook so that you can suspend the beer can lights once complete. Then start stringing your beer cans onto the wire. After the fifth can, create another loop similar to the one at the end then add the other five cans. Create a third and final loop at the end of the wire once you have strung all 10 beer cans.

Suspend your string of beer cans from hooks, using the loops, and use a taper to light the tea-light candles inside.