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How to Make Rexlace Bracelets

Rexlace is a thin plastic material used to make lanyards, jewelry and key chain embellishments. There are many ways to create designs with rexlace, from braiding to beading to knotting. One fast and decorative way to make rexlace bracelets involves simple jewelry-making techniques and multiple strands of rexlace. Rexlace, or craftlace, is sold in most craft and discount stores in a variety of colors. You can cut rexlace with scissors and join strips together with glue to create bracelet designs that suit your personal style.

Things You'll Need:

  • Scissors
  • Rexlace, 2 Colors
  • Tweezers
  • Clasp
  • Super Glue
  • Pony Beads, Several Colors
  • Jeweler’S Glue

Cut two equal strips of different colored rexlace 6 inches longer than the desired length of the bracelet, less the length of the clasp.

Glue the strips back to back with super glue. The end result will be a strand of rexlace with a separate color on each side. Let the glue dry.

Fold 1/2-inch of the end of the two-sided rexlace strand around one section of a bracelet clasp. Glue the folded section to the main rexlace strip with super glue. Make sure that the edges are flush. Allow the glue to dry.

Thread three pony beads over the open end of the rexlace strip, to the clasp. The folded strip should be covered by the beads.

Hold the bracelet by the open end and tie an overhand knot in the rexlace as it exits the last pony bead. Pull the rexlace strip tight as it exits the knot.

Thread three more pony beads over the open end of the strand to the knot. Tie another overhand knot as the rexlace exits the last bead. Tie another overhand knot.

Repeat Step 6 until the bracelet is the desired length. End with three pony beads.

Cut the excess rexlace strip so there is only 1/2-inch left as it exits the last pony bead. Fold the rexlace over the remaining section of the bracelet clasp.

Carefully add several drops of super glue to the underside of the rexlace. Insert the rexlace inside the pony beads to rest on top of the rexlace strip already inside the beads.

Insert one section of a pair of tweezers inside the pony beads at the end of the bracelet and press down on the rexlace until the glue sets.

Cover each knot in the bracelet design with jeweler’s glue. Let the glue dry.

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