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How to Make a Choker Necklace

The choker necklace was all the rage in the 90's and has finally made its comeback to the runway. Choker necklaces can be made with a variety of materials such as metal, leather, ribbon, lace, string or hemp, to name a few. A classic combination is lace or velvet ribbon with a pendant. No matter the materials used, the construction technique for a basic choker necklace is always the same.

Things You'll Need:

  • Pendant (optional)
  • 2 jewelry clasps
  • Hook and chain closure
  • Scissors
  • Jewelry pliers

Measuring and cutting the necklace band

Take the material to be used as a band, such as the lace or ribbon, and holding by its ends, place it around your neck. Adjust the length until it's comfortable around your neck, then pinch the ends as a way to mark them for cutting. Measure another half-inch to account for the clasps and closure, and cut the band to that size.

Attaching the pendant

There are two ways to attach the pendant to your choker necklace. Either feed your necklace band through the pendant, or open the pendant ring with pliers and pierce it through the necklace band at precisely the center of the band, then close the ring again.


When using a strip of fabric as the necklace band, make sure to finish off the raw edges of the fabric – either spray the edges with fray check, or sew them over with a zigzag stitch. Alternatively, you can sew a tube out of the fabric strip, if you want a cleaner finish.

Attaching clasps

If necessary, fold your band to fit inside the clasp. Insert the band between the clasp and use jewelry pliers to squeeze the clasp together, pinching the band and securing the clasp.

Adding closure

Finally, add the hook and chain closure to the necklace. First, loosen the jump rings attached to the hook and chain with jewelry pliers, then put the jump ring through the clasp end, and close off the jump ring again.


It's easier to put on and take off the choker necklace when you've attached the hook on the same end of the necklace as your dominant hand. Lay the necklace in front of you, wrong side facing up, and attach the hook to the right end of the necklace band -- or to the left end if you are left-handed. Attach the chain to the other end.

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