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How to Make a Gimp Bracelet With Plastic Lacing

Gimp bracelets are popular with teens.
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Plastic lacing, also known as boondoggle, is a type of craft material that is knotted, woven or braided to create gimp bracelets. Gimp bracelets are typically made with two contrasting neon colors and are worn in layers around the wrist. Ready-made gimp bracelets are available to purchase from some fashion stores, but you will find making your own gimp bracelets to be more economical; you can also choose to make them with colors that reflect your individuality and personal style. Gimp bracelets also make great gifts and can be given as friendship bracelets.

Things You'll Need:

  • Scissors
  • 2 Colors Of Plastic Lacing

Measure the circumference of your wrist and multiply the measurement by four. Cut two pieces of plastic lacing to this measurement.

Fold each piece of the plastic lacing in half and press the middle firmly to mark the center spot. Unfold the plastic lacing and position it in a symmetrical cross, using the center you just marked. The top plastic lacing is called strand 1, the plastic lacing on the bottom of the cross is called strand 2.

Lift one end of strand 2 over strand 1 to create a loop. Lift the other end of strand 2 over strand 1 to create another loop.

Lift up the left-hand end of strand 1 and weave it over the first loop and under the second loop you just created with strand 2. Lift up the right-hand end of strand 2 and place it over the first loop and underneath the second loop in strand 1.

Pull each of the plastic strand ends tightly to create a neat and even square knot.

Repeat this weaving technique in one direction along the bracelet until the desired length of bracelet has been braided.

Place the bracelet around the wrist and secure the ends together with a single knot. Trim off any excess plastic lacing with scissors.


Do not pull the plastic lacing too hard because it may snap.


  • Scissors should only be used under the supervision of responsible adults.
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