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How to Lace a Corset With Two Laces

Corsets are a multi-occasion garment. They can be worn as undergarments, or as a regular top. Corsets can be paired with jeans, or worn with an elaborate gown. Lacing your corset is the hardest part of wearing it. Ideally, you want someone else there to help you lace your corset, but it can be done by yourself (it's just a little harder to do). A corset is ideally laced with only one lace, but it can be done with two or more laces.

Things You'll Need:

  • A Corset
  • Two Ribbons, Each At Least 18 Inches Long

Tie a knot on one end of each ribbon. Pull the unknotted ends through the top 2 grommets.

Cross the ribbon over to the next grommet on the other side of the corset. Repeat with each ribbon until they are threaded through all of the grommets.

Pull the ribbons tight and tie them together at the bottom of the corset.


If desired, you may tie the 2 ribbons in a bow at the top of the corset, instead of knotting the ends individually.

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