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How to Make a Cowboy Boot Purse

Recycle old cowboy boots into new purses.
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Your favorite pair of cowboy boots can keep on traveling with you long after they have worn out by turning them into sturdy purses. You can show off your leather-loving style by adding a leather belt strap to the purse or make the purse a little bit daintier with a thin, beaded chain strap. With a pair of boots, you can make one purse for yourself and one for your favorite friend who has journeyed with you as much as your boots.

Things You'll Need:

  • Lining Fabric
  • Scissors
  • Heavy-Duty Sewing Needle
  • Leather Belt
  • Double-Fold Bias Binding Tape
  • Leather Cowboy Boot
  • Sewing Needle
  • Thread

Place the cowboy boot on your working surface and use a sharp pair of scissors to cut the boot just above the ankle.

Smooth out the top section of the boot and make sure the bottom edge of the section is straight. Cut, if necessary, to create a clean, straight edge.

Measure the circumference of the upper section and add 1/2-inch. Measure the length of the upper section and add 1 inch. Draw a rectangle on a piece of lining fabric according to the measurements.

Fold the lining in half and sew the ends together. This is the side seam. Sew together the bottom edge.

Measure the circumference of the top edge of the lining. Cut a piece of double-fold bias binding tape. Slide the top edge of the lining in between the layers of the tape and sew a straight stitch to attach the tape to the lining.

Turn the upper section of the boot inside out. Insert thread through the eye of a heavy-duty needle and sew the bottom, cut edge of the section together. You can sew a tight straight stitch when hand sewing or a zigzag stitch on the sewing machine.

Cut the buckles off a leather belt. Pin each end to the top edges of the purse. Sew the belt ends to the purse to make a purse strap.

Turn the purse right side out and slide the lining into the cowboy boot purse. Pin the lining to the top, inside edge of the purse. Insert pins about 1/4-inch below the top of the binding tape on the lining. Use a straight stitch with your heavy-duty needle to sew the lining to the purse.


If you prefer a slimmer strap for the purse, hook a length of beaded chain onto the loops at the top, outside of the cowboy boot.

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