How to Cut Leather Straps

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Things You'll Need

  • Cutting mat
  • Pattern
  • Straight edge ruler
  • Rotary cutter

Leather is a good material to use for belts and straps for purse making. You can purchase leather straps precut or you can cut your own. Because of its thickness, leather is best cut with a sharp blade.

Lay your piece of leather on a flat cutting mat.

Position the pattern piece on top of the leather piece and your straight edge ruler on top of that. Making sure that the edge of the pattern and the edge of the ruler line up. You could also use your ruler as the pattern piece to save more time.


Hold pieces in place by pressing down on the leather with one hand while you cut with the other hand.


Cut your first strip along the straight edge ruler with your rotatory blade.


Reposition your ruler to make your next strip. Continue in this way until you have as many leather straps as you need.



  • Each strip or strap can be used individually, or two can be sewn together to make a more durable strap.


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