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How to Make Beaded Slave Bracelets

A slave bracelet is a bracelet that goes around your wrist and then runs down the back of your hand, attaching to a ring around your finger. There are as many ways to make a beaded slave bracelet as there are ways to bead. This tutorial is based on a design idea by Emerald Activities. Once you master the basic idea behind the slave bracelet, you can try more beading designs. You can even use one pattern for the bracelet and a different pattern for the piece that runs down your hand or the ring.

Things You'll Need:

  • Scissors
  • Beads
  • Beading Thread
  • Beading Needles
  • Jewelry Clasp

Cut two lengths of beading thread. Fold the thread in half and go around your wrist six times to determine the length needed for each piece of thread.

Put one thread through each needle and tie all four ends to a jewelry clasp. You will end up with two double-strands with a needle in the middle of each thread.

Thread each needle through a few beads, adding an extra bead on one side.

Thread the needle without an extra bead through the extra bead on the other side. Go top to bottom so that the threads are coming out of opposite sides of the bead. Now you have two strands of beads connected at the bottom by a clasp and at the top by that extra bead.

Keep repeating the beading pattern until you have enough to go around your wrist.

Tie on the other side of the jewelry clasp.

Either run both threads all the way back through the bracelet to the middle with your needles, or cut the threads and tie them back on in the middle of the bracelet.

String beads onto the new section of thread until you have a strand that reaches from your wrist to your middle or ring finger. Make this part a single strand by threading both needles together through each bead.

Make a loop for the ring, using the same beading pattern you used for the bracelet. Simply separate the two needles and put beads on each one individually to begin the two-strand pattern you used before. This time there is no clasp so once you have enough length to go around your finger, simply tie the threads back to themselves, forming the loop.

Trim off any excess thread.


You may use any beading pattern you like. Simply make a bracelet, tie another beaded string to the middle of the bracelet for the attachment piece, and tie the other end to the ring piece.

Try attaching the hand piece to an actual ring for a different look.

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