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How to Crochet With Pom-Pom Yarn

Pom-pom yarn is made by several manufacturers and available in a variety of colors. The yarn looks like a thin strand of polyester fiber studded intermittently with fuzzy pom-poms. You can use pom-pom yarn by itself to make fuzzy, fluffy garments and housewares such as rugs and pillows, or you can hold it together with another strand of yarn and use it as an accent trim. Crocheting with pom-pom yarn can be challenging at first because it is so different from regular yarn.

Create a slip knot using the space between two pom-poms. Tighten the knot against your hook so that you have one pom-pom on each side.

Work two chain stitches between each pom-pom, being careful not to pull a pom-pom through the stitches.

Work only in single crochet when using pom-pom yarn. You will be able to create one single crochet stitch with the strand between every two pom-poms.

Hold each pom-pom to the back of your work as you crochet the yarn between it and the next pom-pom.

Make a two-stitch turning chain at the end of every row, using the strand between two pom-poms.

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