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How to Install Rubber Grommets

Grommets are useful for protecting wires or tubes in various installation projects. Grommets are also useful for reinforcing openings to finish raw edges and to keep them from becoming damaged. Sometimes grommets are used for hanging hooks or lacing in household situations. Rubber grommets are particularly effective because they protect well and they are easier to install.

Select the right size grommet for the opening and the item that will be placed through it. If the opening the grommet will be placed into has not been made yet, consult the grommet guidelines for recommendations about the opening size.

Make the opening for the grommet, if necessary.

Push one side of one rubber grommet edge into the opening to begin inserting the grommet.

Manipulate around all of the edges to insert the grommet. It is okay to bend the rubber grommet as necessary when working the grommet into the opening.

Insert whatever wiring or tubing you are placing through the grommet through the hole of the grommet.

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