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How to Keep Plastic Carpet Runners in Place

Ryan McVay/Photodisc/Getty Images

Plastic carpet runners help keep your high traffic areas, like hallways and foyers, free from dirt and grime. But one ongoing annoyance of plastic carpet runners is that they tend to move around, especially if the carpet is matted down or tightly looped. There are a few simple tools available on the market that you can use to keep your plastic runner in place.

Purchase rubber strips--rubber on one side, adhesive on the other--that are about 2 inches wide. The strips will probably come in a roll. Make sure you have enough to line the entire length of the runner.

Peel away the backing of the rubber strip to expose the adhesive. Apply the adhesive side to the underside of the plastic runner. Apply the rubber strips down the length of the runner on both sides.

Put the runner down in its place and adjust it to the exact position where you want it to stay. Pull it taut at either end and assure that it is free from bumps. The rubber will hold onto the carpet fibers and help to keep the plastic runner from sliding around when people walk on it.


When the useful life of this plastic carpet runner has run out, be sure to purchase a new runner that has small pointed grippers on the bottom. These grippers dig into the carpet fibers and keep the runner in place.

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