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How to Use Grommet Pliers

Grommets reinforce holes in fabric.
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When you make a hole in fabric, reinforcing it can prevent rips and tears. A metal grommet is perfect for creating and strengthening a fabric hole, surrounding it to keep the fabric intact. Although a grommet press makes swift work of installing grommets, grommet pliers is a smaller tool and more affordable for hobbyists. Use grommet pliers to install grommets in fabric that needs strong tying or connecting points, like tent canvas, shower curtains and tarps.

Things You'll Need:

  • Fabric
  • Fabric Marker
  • Grommets

Place a small mark on the fabric where you wish to place the grommet.

Set the pliers so it will punch a hole through the fabric. You should find a movable piece at the tip of the pliers. Set this piece in the fabric-punching position by lifting and rotating it.

Place the fabric in the pliers with the point you marked over the fabric punch area at the jaw of the pliers. Squeeze the handles of the pliers to punch a hole through the fabric.

Lift the movable piece at the tip of the pliers again and rotate it for installing the grommet.

Insert the grommet piece through the hole in the fabric from the right side of the fabric. Push the elevated center of the grommet through the fabric hole.

Place the washer piece with the rounded side facing up on top of the grommet.

Open the grommet pliers and place the fabric and grommet inside the jaws of the pliers with the washer on top.

Squeeze the handles of the pliers very firmly to install the grommet.

Open the pliers and look at the grommet. If any center portions of the grommet did not fully attach to the washer, realign the pliers and squeeze again.

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