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The Easy Way to Make Balloon Curtains

Make your own balloon curtains with ease.
indigo curtain textured background image by starush from Fotolia.com

By making your own balloon curtains, you can create a look that is elegant or lighthearted, depending on your fabric selection. The easiest way to create balloon curtains begins with using store-bought curtains and adding the balloon effect on your own. You don't have to be an expert seamstress to have personalized balloon curtains hanging in your windows.

Things You'll Need:

  • 3 Small Eye Screws
  • Needle
  • 1 Cleat
  • Small Steel Washers
  • Pins
  • Curtain Cording
  • Thread

Lay your store-bought curtain, wrong side up, on a flat surface. Make sure it has a top opening for a curtain rod to go through. Any curtain length will do.

Place pins in three rows, evenly spaced across the width of the curtain. Continue placing pins every six inches apart height-wise in the three rows. These pins mark where you sew the washers on. The pins can be placed as far as six inches from the bottom hem of the curtain.

Stitch the washers onto the curtain by hand. Replace each pin with a washer. Simply sew a needle and thread through one part of the washer several times until it is secured tightly.

Cut three lengths of your cord so that each is six inches longer than the vertical length of the curtain. String each cord through the washers in one row, running from the top to the bottom of the curtain. Repeat for each row.

Tie the end of each cord tightly to its bottom washer.

Hang your curtain from your window. Screw your eye screws, equally spaced apart, into the top of your window frame. String your cording through the eye screws and pull the cording to one side.

Screw the cleat to the side of the window frame and wrap the cording around it.

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