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Can You Make Sheers Into a Window Scarf?

You can make a scarf valance out of sheer curtain panels.
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With its long, generous length and easy, fluid draping, a scarf valance gives your window a soft, romantic look. If you find yourself with an abundance of sheer curtain panels but would rather have a scarf valance, with just basic sewing skills you can create a scarf valance from your unwanted sheer panels.

Measure Your Window

Measure your window's width, and multiply that number by three to get the approximate total length of your scarf valance. You have room for variance in a scarf valance's overall length. If you'd like the ends of the scarf to fall closer to the floor or more toward the top of your window, add or subtract length as needed. Include 12 to 24 inches of extra length for draping. Because sheer fabric is very lightweight and fluid, the width of your scarf is not an issue. Simply use the panel width as is. Unless your panels are very, very wide, just about any width will work well.

Sew Your Panels

Once you've determined the approximate length of your scarf valance, determine how many panels you'll need to sew together end to end to reach the scarf length. Sew the panel ends together to form one very long panel. Because the material is sheer, excess hem will show, so sew them together with as little seam allowance (overlap) as possible.

Hang Your Hardware

Determine how you'd like to hang your scarf valance, and purchase and install the hardware. You can wrap your scarf valance around a curtain rod and let the ends hang freely at the sides of the window, or you can hang a scarf ring at each top corner of the window and pull the valance through the rings, letting the ends hang down the sides of the window.

Hang Your Valance

Drape, swirl and wrap your scarf valance around the top and sides of your window. Use your creativity because there is no right or wrong way to hang it. Adjust it and tweak it until it's just the way you like it. If the seams from sewing the panels together show, rearrange the valance to hide them if possible. You can hang the scarf so that the ends hang symmetrically on each side of the window, or adjust it so that one end hangs longer than the other. Other ideas are to fold the valance in long, horizontal pleats across the top, or tie a loose knot in each end. Hang your scarf valance on its own, or layer it over curtain panels or mini-blinds if desired.

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