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How to Bind a Quilt Using Ruffle Binding

Add a ruffle binding to a quilt for a soft baby gift.
RL Productions/Digital Vision/Getty Images

You can embellish a homemade or store-bought quilt by adding a decorative ruffle binding to the outside edges. Add a satin ribbon ruffle binding to the outside edges of a baby quilt for a decorative edge that also provides the baby with the stimulation that comes from the contrast fabric along the outside edge of the quilt. You can purchase ready-made ruffle binding for a simple project that takes less than an hour, even for a large sized quilt.

Things You'll Need:

  • 2-Inch Wide Ruffled Quilt Binding
  • Thread
  • Sewing Needle (Or Sewing Machine)
  • Sewing Pins

Lay your quilt on your large, clean working surface and measure the length and width of the quilt.

Cut four pieces of 2-inch wide ruffled quilt binding. Cut two pieces to the length of the quilt and two pieces to the width. Cut the ends of each piece on a diagonal angle to accommodate the corners of the quilt.

Open up the binding portion of the ruffle. Quilt ruffle binding comes with a ruffle along one edge and a two-layer edge on the opposite long side so that the binding can wrap over the top and bottom of the quilt.

Pin the top layer of the binding strip from one length of ruffle binding to the top of the quilt. Flip over the quilt and pin the second layer of the binding strip to the bottom of the quilt.

Attach the binding strips of the remaining three pieces of quilt ruffle binding to the quilt in the same way as above. Make sure that the ruffles' edges at the corners don't overlap one another, but rather sit precisely beside one another.

Sew the ruffle quilt binding to the quilt. You can use a sewing machine or use a straight stitch by hand. If the quilt is thick, sew the top layer of binding to the quilt, flip the quilt over and sew the second layer of binding to the quilt. If the quilt is made of thin fabric or has no cotton batting, you can sew through both binding layers at the same time.

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