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How to Stop Sofa Covers From Sliding

Slipcovers protect sofas from everyday wear.
woman on a sofa image by forca from Fotolia.com

A sofa cover---also known as a slipcover---is a removable fitted cloth that protects and decorates a sofa. If a slipcover is ill fitting, it will slide off the sofa during use. According to Sunset Books, with a simple quick fix, you can prevent this from happening.

Purchase Materials

Purchase a roll of extra-strength double-sided tape from your local hardware store. According to Mark Montano and Carly Sommerstein, authors of "Window Treatments and Slipcovers for Dummies," double-sided tape safely fastens the slipcover to your sofa without leaving harmful residue.


Cut three-inch sections of the double-sided tape and place them every twelve inches along the creases of the sofa, to hold the slipcover in place. After securing the slipcover to the creases, line the arms, back and bottom of the sofa with three-inch sections of tape, as well.


When removing the slipcover, grasp the cloth and the double-sided tape and pull from left to right in a slow, controlled motion. If any residue remains on the sofa, use a cotton ball dipped in rubbing alcohol to remove it.

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