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How to Make an Organza Ruffle

Organza is a transparent fabric that is used to make fabric for formal wear and ribbon. Organza is one of the most popular and beautiful formal fabrics due to its lustrous and shimmery qualities. For this reason, it is beneficial to learn how to work with it. Organza fabric can be quite expensive. However, organza ribbon is not as expensive. There are also many uses for organza ribbon in sewing and crafting projects. One way to utilize organza ribbon is to make an organza ruffle with it. If you keep in mind the puckering tendency of organza and the slippery nature of the fabric, you will likely have success in making an organza ruffle from a length of organza ribbon.

Things You'll Need:

  • Sewing Machine
  • Scissors
  • Polyester Thread (Color To Match Ribbon)
  • Ball-Point Needle (Size 11 To 14)
  • Fray Check
  • Organza Ribbon (1.5 To 2-Inch Width)

Set the stitch length on your sewing machine to between 12 and 15.

Practice sewing with the settings on your sewing machine on a scrap piece of fabric before sewing on the organza ribbon.

Cut a length of organza ribbon that is twice as long as the necessary finished length.

Place the organza ribbon into the sewing machine with the needle positioned at the very edge of one long edge of the ribbon.

Begin sewing a running stitch along the one long edge of the organza ribbon to gather it. Sew carefully and slowly to avoid puckering.

Remove the organza ribbon from the sewing machine when you have sewn along the entire long edge of the ribbon.

Pull the gathering thread carefully on one end of the ribbon to gather the organza ribbon. Adjust the gathers down the length of the ribbon to make them smooth and evenly spaced along the entire length of the ribbon when you have pulled the gathering thread sufficiently to gather the ribbon.

Tack the gathering threads by sewing two or three stitches and back stitches with the sewing machine at both ends of the line of gathering stitches.

Apply Fray Check to both raw ends of the organza ribbon to prevent fraying to finish the organza ruffle.

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