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How to Use Circular Crochet Hooks

Circular crochet hooks are used to create afghans, sweaters and other items through the Tunisian method of crocheting. Tunisian crochet (also known as the afghan stitch) differs from regular crochet in that it involves two separate passes to complete a row. Circular crochet hooks differ from a traditional Tunisian hook in that they are double-ended and connected by a cable. Circular hooks create a woven texture in the fabric. Once you learn the basics of how to use circular crochet hooks, you can incorporate them into large projects.

Arrange the circular crochet hooks so that the cable is uncoiled and one hook is on each side. Pick up the left-hand hook and chain 20 stitches with the yarn.

Insert the left-hand hook into the second chain stitch from the hook. Wrap the yarn around and over the hook, then pull it through the chain stitch to create a loop. Leave the loop on the hook, and repeat for the rest of the stitches in the chain. You should have 20 loops on the hook when finished.

Slide the loops along the cable until they are on the right-hand hook. Then flip the project over so that the right-hand hook is now in your left hand.

Wrap the yarn over the end of the hook and pull it through the first loop on the hook.

Wrap the yarn over the end of the hook and pull it through the next two loops on the hook. Continue with this pattern, wrapping the yarn over the end of the hook and pulling it through the following two stitches, until only one loop remains on the hook. This loop will serve as the first stitch in the next row.


After completing a two-row sequence in a pattern, don't flip the project over. The project should be flipped only after completing odd rows, not even ones.

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