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How to Make a Money Corsage

It is possible to make a corsage from a lot of different things, including good, old fashioned money. You can use real bills for this, or you can use fake bills. If you are giving cash for a gift, this makes a unique way to present your gift.

Things You'll Need:

  • Ribbon
  • Accessories (Like Other Silk Flowers, Floral Beading, Or Anything Else Chosen)
  • Floral Wire (Both Light And Heavy)
  • Floral Tape (Green)
  • Silk Leaves
  • Two To Four Cash Bills
  • Floral Net
  • Floral Pin(S)

Make Decisions About the Money Corsage

Determine which bills will be used for the money corsage. Decide how many flowers will be used in the corsage and what, if anything, will be used for filler and the intended color scheme.

If the supplies needed are not already on hand, now is the time to make the appropriate purchases.

Set out the supplies and begin by making flowers from the chosen bills.

Make the Money Corsage

Roll the bills loosely, from end to end, as you would roll a scroll. With each roll, let each subsequent roll fall just below the one before it by about 1/8” so that when finished it will resemble the bud of a rose. If the bill flower is rolled too tightly to begin with, allow it to naturally loosen in the hand to the rosebud size and shape desired.

Wrap the bottom tightly with a piece of light weight floral wire; making sure that the wire is high enough to hold everything in place but not so tight that it will damage the money.

Attach silk leaves around the top of the money flower using green floral tape. Using wire cutters, cut each flower’s stem to to approximately four inches in length..

Arrange the money flowers. Three flowers can be clustered together in a triangle--or use two flowers with the buds pointing up and one pointing down. When using four flowers, the best design would have two buds pointing up and two buds pointing down. However, create the design that best suits your particular taste.

Add any planned filler to the corsage. This could include silk flowers, greenery, or baby’s breath. The purpose of filler is to plug any holes and to give the corsage a well-rounded look. Tape everything together using green floral tape.

Make a matching bow for the corsage using the texture and color scheme chosen. The ribbon used should be no wider than 1 inch and no thinner than ½ inch, or the bow won’t be substantial enough for the corsage. Tie the bow tightly to the corsage either at the bottom (for a clustered corsage) or in the center (for a dual directional corsage). Make sure that it is secured and tied to the back of the corsage. Place a florist pin the back of the corsage where the bow is tied shut.


Mix additional silk flowers or greenery to make the corsage fuller or to give it a more polished look. Chosen ribbons that are well matched to the weight of the overall corsage.


  • Be cautious not to destroy the money bills.
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