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How to Fold a Towel Origami Flower

Towel origami is a great way to present towels to guests.
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Origami is used by high-end hotels, cruise ships and resorts as a creative way to present towels. Different folding techniques can be used to create an array of designs, including fans, animals and flowers. The three more popular flowers in towel origami are the rose, daisy and calla lily. The designs usually need at least two towels to create the flower and its stem. The welcoming flower arrangement can be composed of one or two flowers, depending on the number of guests.

Make a rose by folding a standard towel into thirds lengthwise. Then fold over one corner to create a small triangle, which will be the center of the rose. Roll the towel toward the center, arriving at the middle. Twist the excess fabric around once, before winding it around the rest of the bud. This technique will give the illusion of flower petals. Tuck the loose end underneath, inside the roll, to finish off the bud.

Create a daisy by folding a standard towel in half widthwise, producing a square. Fold each corner in toward the center of the towel. Flip the towel over and repeat on the other side, folding in each corner, making an even smaller square. Hold down the towel firmly in the center, and pull each corner from the bottom side of the towel up, which will flip the corner inward and create a cuplike formation. These cups will create the shape of the petals, finishing the daisy design.

Construct a calla lily by folding a towel in half horizontally to create a square. Then fold the towel diagonally so that the corners meet and create a triangle. Using the longest side of the triangle as the base, fold the two corners upward toward the top corner; this will produce a diamond shape. Then gently open the flower shape by folding down these corners, about half way. Pull down one layer from the top corner, which will fall between the two side petals and create the calla lily's front petal.

Make a stem for any of the flowers by rolling up one towel horizontally. Pull the corner that is nestled in the center outward to elongate the stem. Lay it on the bed and gently unwind the top outer corners, pinching it at the spot where the excess meets the stem to create the leaf. Finish the floral presentation by placing the flower towel at the top of the stem.

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