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How to: Origami Cat With a Dollar Bill

You can fold a dollar bill to resemble a cat.
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Origami began in Japan as early as 538 A.D. This art form involves folding paper to form decorative objects such as animals or boxes. The art form has come a long way in the past 2,500 years. As it developed beyond the traditional Japanese origami, paper folders have embraced the dollar bill as a origami paper. With a few well-placed folds, you can create a cat out of a dollar bill.

Hold the dollar bill vertically and fold it in half lengthwise. Open the dollar bill and fold half in half lengthwise.

Open the bill and fold the lower corners in toward the middle, forming two triangles. Fold two additional triangles in toward the center on each side of the center fold, similar to folding a paper airplane.

Fold one triangle on the right over and across the center crease so that it hits the fold on the left side between the edge of the bill and the fold line.

Open the folds and repeat for the left side, so that the fold touches the middle.

Fold the top triangle back on its self outward so that it crosses over the center crease. Repeat for the right side. This begins shaping the face.

Fold the flaps on the top of the bill down so that the point between the two triangles hits the center line.

Open this triangle up and fold the two corner points in toward the center so it hits the edge of the folded sides.

Fold the edges of the triangles formed in Step 7 back toward the outside edges.

Fold the top back down for the face. Locate the two small triangles under the face and fold those back to form the eyes.

Fold the entire bill in half lengthwise, along the original crease. Fold the head back toward the left.

Fold the right-bottom corner up and over the body in a triangle to create the tail.

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