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How to Fold a Dollar Bill Into a Skirt

Use origami techniques to shape a dollar bill into a skirt.
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To make a dollar bill into a paper skirt and other types of designs, you can incorporate the techniques used in origami. A traditional Japanese art technique, origami involves folding paper to make it resemble objects without the use of glue or scissors. Because a dollar bill is made of paper, you can apply this same technique to it or any other paper material to sculpt a woman’s skirt.

Place the dollar bill in front of you lengthwise. Fold the dollar bill in half from top to bottom to create a crease. Open the dollar bill again.

Turn the dollar bill so it's vertical in front of you and George Washington’s head is facing sideways. Fold the bill again from top to bottom to create another crease. Unfold the bill again.

Place the bill in front of you vertically. The previous two folds you made should have created a pattern made of four boxes on your dollar bill.

Fold the bottom of the dollar halfway up until touches the middle half where the horizontal crease is. Do not unfold it.

Fold the top half of the dollar bill to meet the folded bottom half. Both folds should meet in the center of the bill where the middle crease is. After both halves are folded, the dollar bill should resemble a square.

Open the dollar bill. Place it in front of you lengthwise. Turn it over so that the unfolded area is now facing downward and the bill is still placed horizontally in front of you.

Fold up the bottom half of the bill until it touches the crease located in the middle of it. Fold the top half of the bill until it meets the half you just folded at the center crease. The bill should now look like a long and thin rectangle. Do not unfold it.

Place the bill vertically in front of you, folded side up. Take the right-hand bottom corner of the bill and fold it backward on an angle. The folded back flap should resemble a downward slanted triangle. Leave it folded. Repeat this same process on the bottom left corner. Both bottom corners should fan out from the dollar bill when you’re done. This is the bottom of the skirt.

Pick up the dollar bill. Hold it vertically with the fanned flaps facing downward. Fold the top half of the bill backward behind the bottom half until the bill is completely folded in half. The folded back flaps should still be facing you.

Fold the top right squared corner sideways behind the right bottom flap. The right side of the bill should look like the slanted side of a triangle when you’re done. Repeat this process on the right top corner of the bill. The top of the bill should now be pointed and the two bottom flaps should still be folded backward, making the entire bill look like a triangle skirt.

Fold the tip of the pointed top of the skirt backward so that you can no longer see it from the front. This creates a "waistline" for your skirt. When you’re done, the dollar bill should look like an A-line skirt.

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