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How to Fold Satin Napkins

Satin napkins present a few extra challenges for those who love the classy look of folded napkins on the dinner table. The material has a drape that keeps it from holding many folds unless you starch excessively, and it is so slick that many folds will just fall right out.

The French fold is the perfect solution to both of these problems. The natural drape of the satin will work with the fold rather than against it and it is so simple that it can be done right on top of the dinner plate.

The French Fold

Lay the napkin out in front of you so that it makes a diamond shape.

Fold the napkin in half by bringing the left corner over to meet the right corner.

Fold the top corner down. Bring the top corner down to meet the lower corner, and then move it slightly to the left so that the resulting fold is diagonal.

Fold the corner farthest to the right down. Make sure that the top of this fold meets the top of your last fold, forming one point. The fold is now complete. Your end result should look like three overlapping triangles that originate from the same top point.

Carefully place the napkin over a dinner plate for a finished look.

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