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How to Make an Origami Pokemon Charizard

"Pokemon" has been a franchise since 1996, spawning video games, trading cards, stuffed animals and anime cartoons. Charizard is a fire-breathing creature that resembles a dragon. Though challenging, this figure can be a decoration or gift for a Pokemon collector.

Fold the paper in half diagonally and crease it. Turn the paper so that the longest edge is on top.

Fold the left corner until it meets the right corner, creating a small triangle. Crease it, then unfold.

Place your right fingers on the center crease. Using your left hand, hold the left corner of the paper up in the air so that the inside pocket is visible. Fold that corner down to the bottom-center corner of the paper and flatten it. The result should resemble a small square on top of a triangle.

Flip the project over. Hold up the right corner of the project in the air until the inside pocket is visible. Fold that corner to meet the bottom-right corner and flatten it. The project should now appear like a square with a diagonal crease.

Turn the project so that the crease runs vertically. The square should now look like a diamond with the open flaps on the bottom.

Fold the left corner to the center crease until the edges align. Crease the paper. Repeat with the right corner. Fold the top corner down like a flap. Unfold the top flap and both the right and left sides. This returns the project to its diamond shape but adds new creases.

Lift the bottom-center corner of the topmost flap of paper and fold it upward along the previously made creases. Pull in the left and right edges of the upper flap until their edges meet in the middle. The result is an elongated diamond.

Flip the project over and repeat steps 6 and 7 on this side. The result is known as an origami bird base.

Turn the bird base so that the side that has a split up the middle -- which resembles two "legs" -- is pointing up. Fold the left and right corners in to meet in the middle. Flip the project over and fold the bottom corner up along one of the original creases so that it meets the top corner.

Flip the project over. Fold the right edge of the upper flap -- which looks like a narrow kite -- until it meets the left edge of the kite shape. Turn the project sideways so that the "legs" that were pointing up are now on the left side.

Fold the top corner, which is slightly off-center and belongs to the back part of the project, backwards until it is no longer visible from the front of the project. The edges should align with the folded-in-half kite shape.

Fold the left corner of the upper flap of paper right until it opens up and flattens out along one of the previous creases.

Fold the top-left "leg" backward to the right until the corner meets the far right corner.

Fold the right corner of the upper flap up and to the left until it lines up with the center crease. This creates one of the wings. Flip the project over and repeat on the other side.

Fold the bottom-center corner upwards, creating a 45-degree angle.

Fold the bottom-left corner in half to the right, then back toward the left. This creates the neck. The corner should now be folded down and to the left about 1/8 of an inch or less, to create a head.


Use metallic paper to make the figure more like the anime Charizard. Pleat the wings to give them the illusion of flapping.

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