How to Make an Origami Train

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Origami is the Japanese craft of making objects by folding pieces of paper. If you are new to origami and wish to try something easy, you can look to create a "Shinkansen." This is commonly known as "The Bullet Train." Not only is this a rather easy train to make, it links well to the Japanese culture that origami was founded in.

Lay a square piece of paper out on your work area.

Fold the piece of paper horizontally in half and then open up the piece of paper.

Create a fold around 2 inches from the top of the piece of paper. Repeat this process on the bottom.

Fold the piece of paper in half the opposite way from which you originally folded it.

Create a fold from the left side of the paper to the top to create a triangle shape on the left side of the paper. Flip the paper over and repeat this process on the right side. This will create a pocket in the paper.

Fold the paper into the pocket. This will create a slope for the front of the train. Fold a small corner on the bottom of the paper near the slope. Flip the paper over and repeat this.

Grab a pen and draw and line vertically down the top of the slop. Create a right-angle and then draw a line from that point to an area lower on the slope. This will create a window for the front of the train. Draw three or four square boxes along the rest of the piece of paper. This will be the passenger window. Repeat this on the other side of the train.

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