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How to Make Corn Shocks

Gourds, pumpkins and other harvest vegetables can be added around the base of the shock.
corn image by cherie from Fotolia.com

Large corn shocks used to be a common sight in fields during the harvest season. These large bundles of corn were used as a means of drying the corn before the invention of mechanical harvesting equipment. Nowadays, corn shocks are used as decorations for roadside displays, farmers markets and other fall displays.

Wait until the leaves of the corn are dead before you harvest the plant. There should still be moisture in the stalk when it is cut.

Use a machete or corn knife to cut the stalks of corn.

Use binding twine to tie the stalks of corn together. If you are building a large corn shock, place a metal pole in the center to support the weight.

Continue tying the stalks of corn together, binding them tightly in the middle. The amount of corn you add depends on the desired size of the shock.

Add any finishing touches such as decorate ribbon in fall colors.

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