How to Dispose of Glow Sticks

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Glow sticks can be enjoyed by all ages, whether at a dance club, concert or party. Glow sticks are made out of nontoxic and nonflammable chemicals that are sealed in the outer plastic casing. With normal use, a glow stick should not cause any harm, but if the tube is punctured, the chemicals can cause minor irritation of the skin or eyes. Most glow sticks can be disposed of straight in the garbage, but if there is a leak, special caution should be taken to reduce the likelihood of irritation. Because of the chemicals, the plastic casing cannot be recycled.

Check the glow stick for any leaks or punctures in the plastic casing.

Throw the glow stick in the garbage can if no leaks are found.


Seal the glow stick it in a plastic bag if there are any leaks. Throw the plastic bag in the garbage can.



  • If any chemicals come in contact with the skin or eyes during the process, flush immediately with water to minimize irritation.


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