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How to Play the Water Balloon Toss Game

Challenge your friends or family members to a water balloon toss this summer.
Joshua Lott/Getty Images News/Getty Images

A water balloon toss is a fun and sometimes messy way to entertain a crowd. This game challenges each player's ability to throw and catch a fragile water balloon across a long distance. Since participants run the risk of getting wet during this game, a water balloon toss is best played outdoors in warm weather. All you need is a few balloons filled with water and a few teams of willing participants.

Fill enough water balloons to supply each team with one balloon. If you wish to play multiple rounds of this game, fill additional balloons.

Split players into teams of two.

Form two straight lines of players, with teammates facing each other.


Have each player take one large step back from his teammate. This marks the first throw line.


Instruct players to toss the balloon to their teammates. The opposite player must catch the balloon and prevent it from popping.


Have both players take one step backward after each successful toss.


Continue this routine until every team has popped their balloons. The last team with an intact balloon wins.

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