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How to Use Boye Loopy Scarf Tool

Knitting a scarf by hand with knitting needles is time consuming. But you can make a knitted scarf in a fraction of the time with the Boye Loopy scarf tool. The tool is a U-shaped piece of plastic. By using two pieces of yarn wrapped and knotted in a certain way, you can produce a knitted scarf without knitting needles.

Things You'll Need:

  • Scarf Yarn
  • Binder Yarn
  • Boye Loopy Scarf Tool

Make a loop in the yarn. Grip another section of the yarn below the loop and pull it through the loop to create a slip knot. Hold the slip knot in front of the U-shaped Loopy Scarf Tool.

Pass the scarf yarn around the right-hand side of the tool. Feed it around the left-hand side in a figure-eight pattern. Feed a loop from the tail of yarn through the binder yarn slip knot loop. Pull the knot tight. The loop will be standing upright. Repeat this process until the tool is full.

Back stitch through the center binding yarn with a needle and thread. This will secure the yarn to the loops. Knot the thread in place.

Push the loops at the end of the U-shaped tool. Position the scarf piece so it hangs on the base of the U with the last binder loops on the U arms. Repeat the process of making scarf sections until the scarf is the desired length. Cut the scarf and pull it though the last binding loop.

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