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How to Finish Loop Potholders

By using a potholder peg loom and special strands designed to fit between the pegs, even a young child can master the art of weaving to create bright potholders for the kitchen. Once you finish weaving the potholder, only one small task remains. Finish loop potholders by creating a border with the loops around the outer edge.

Things You'll Need:

  • Crochet Hook (Size J Or K)
  • Potholder Loom
  • Woven Potholder

Begin the finishing process at a corner. Remove the first loop nearest a corner off its peg by hooking it with the crochet hook.

Move the first loop over to the second peg with the crochet hook and place it over the second loop on this peg.

Grasp the second loop (by reaching through the first loop with the crochet hook) and pull it off the peg.

Move the second loop over to the next peg and place it over the loop on this peg.

Grasp the loop beneath second loop (reach through the top loop) and pull this loop off the peg.

Continue moving loops over one peg and pulling the loop beneath through the top loop to work your way around the entire potholder.

Tie the final two loops together in a tight knot, leaving the loops extending out from the corner for hanging the potholder.

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