How to Use the EZ-Gimper Plastic Lacing Stitch-Starting Tool

Things You'll Need

  • 2 strands gimp (plastic lace), 24 inches long
  • Scissors

The trickiest part of making a project with gimp or plastic lace is arranging the strands and getting the stitches started. The EZ Gimper starter tool serves as an aid to hold the strands of plastic lace in place while you start the stitch. Since most gimp stitches start with the square or box stitch, you can use the EZ Gimper for a number of different stitches. Once you've become familiar with the tool and starting stitches, you can try to start projects without it.

Hold the Gimper so that the back side, with the star pattern, faces up. Push the end of the first strand through the hole marked 1. Push the opposite end of the first strand through the hole marked 3.

Push the one end of the second strand through the hole marked 2, then the opposite end through the hole marked 4.

Turn the tool over, so that the ends of the plastic lace face you. Pull on the ends of the plastic lace until they are tight against the back of the tool. One strand will run horizontally and the other vertically, forming a plus sign.

Bring the end of the strand threaded through hole 1 down, over top of the strand threaded through hole 2. The hole 1 strand should start on the top side, running vertically.

Bring the strand threaded through hole 2 over top of strand 1, so that it points to the right horizontally. At this point the two vertical strands should both point down and the two horizontal strands should both point to the right.

Lift up the strand threaded through hole 3, bringing it over strand 2. Strand 3 will now point upward.

Weave the strand threaded through hole 4 over strand 3, then under strand 1.

Pull on all four strands to tighten. At this point you should have another plus sign shape with a small checkerboard in the center. Repeat the process to create more box stitches. If you want to make round stitches, bring the strands over each at an angle.

Tug gently on the stitched gimp to pull it out of the EZ Gimper.


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