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How to Star in a Music Video

If the agency likes a person's look, that person can go on to star in multiple music videos.
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Today, a hit song is never complete unless it is accompanied by an awesome music video. Artists like Lady Gaga are known for avant-garde and enigmatic videos, while rappers are known for showing scenes of decadent parties. To star in such a music video, you don't necessarily need to have musical talent. To be a music video star, you need a good casting agency and, above all, the right look.

Things You'll Need:

  • Head Shot (Professional Picture)
  • Casting Agency
  • Necessary Funds

Research photographers who specialize in portrait photographs, or "head shots," for actors and models. Schedule an appointment to get a series of head shots taken.

Once the head shots are developed, pick the most flattering photo.

Write your profile, which is similar to a modeling resume. Include your height, weight, age, ethnicity, eye color, hair color and physique description (e.g., thin or curvy). Include body measurements as well as clothing and shoe size.

Add specific information about yourself to the profile, such as languages spoken, signature wardrobe or look, sports and other activities completed, and special skills, such as dance skills like hip-hop or ballet. Also add your telephone number so the agency can get a hold of you.

Research casting agencies in the area. Send out your head shot and profile to casting agencies, or go to the casting agency in person to drop off your profile.

Let the agency know when you are available to work.

Pack a bag proactively with clothes, make-up and necessary hair accoutrements, because if contacted by the agency to be featured in a music video, you may have to leave to shoot on location at a moment's notice.

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