How to See Movie Stars in New York

Supermodels are just some of the celebs you can spot in New York.
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Seeing a movie star in New York is not as hard as it may seem. It all depends on your approach and in exactly what way you want to see them. Want to catch them at a live show performing or would you rather be three feet away from them watching them buy groceries in sweatpants? Read on to find some sure-fire ways to see your favorite stars in New York.

Supermodels are just some of the celebs you can spot in New York.
Tiago Chediak (

Things You'll Need

  • Patience
  • Internet Connection

Go to the Page Six website and read the New York Post’s daily dish on celebrities, and find out where their favorite hot spots are. Want to know where Drew Barrymore regularly eats or Liv Tyler? Consider this your tip sheet and then book a restaurant reservation or plan to be in the neighborhood often to increase your chance of spotting them.

Visit TriBeCa. That stands for "The area below Canal Street" in New York City. There’s a 24-hour market called Jin Market there where sightings have included Billy Crystal and Mike Meyers. There aren’t too many quick convenient shops in the area--especially ones open all night--so they are bound to come through if you wait long enough. Christy Turlington, Ed Burns and Harvey Keitel are also Tribeca residents.

Catch a show. Many celebs take their turn on the Broadway and off-Broadway circuits, allowing you to get an up-close glimpse of them live on stage. Want to save money and see your favorite celeb? Go to TKTS--the city's discount ticket service that offers deeply discounted tickets if you purchase on the same day as the show.

If you’ve got a bit of a celebrity stalker in you--but in a harmless way of course, do a Google search on your favorite celebrity. Oftentimes articles cover an apartment location for them. Hang out in their hood-and be prepared to wait.

Check out the monthly calendars for Barnes and Noble and Borders Books stores. They showcase frequent celebrity book-signings for your chance to see the stars up close and personal.

Dine at Nobu--a famous Japanese restaurant that’s a favorite of the stars. You have to call one month in advance for reservations.


  • There’s a difference between viewing the stars and stalking them. Don’t do anything that makes them uncomfortable or be too aggressive with them. Remember--they get that enough--the best thing you can do is show them respect and enjoy the view.


  • You may be waiting a long time. Patience is the key. Frequenting these places is your best bet if you want to catch site of your favorite celebrity.