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Miami Spanish Language Television Stations

Four teenagers watching tv in the bedroom together.
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Miami is home to a large Spanish-speaking community. Multiple television and radio stations gear their programming towards this audience. Consequently, there are a number of Spanish language television stations as well as television production companies. Television program and production has been a major economic boost to the Miami. TV producers spent $40 million in the Miami-Dade county on television production in 2011.


Telemundo is a Spanish language television network, owned by NBC Universal Television. Its headquarters are based in the Miami suburb of Hialeah, Florida with programming that consists of a large variety of shows including tele-novelas, sports, reality shows, news, children’s shows and feature films. The film selection includes movies produced in Spanish-speaking countries and American films dubbed in Spanish, with the majority of programs produced at the film studios in Hialeah with 175,000 acres and five stages. Telemundo, along with Univision, is attracted to South Florida because of the marketing opportunities, tax breaks and large Spanish-speaking audience. Telemundo also operates the cable and satellite channel Mun2. Its programming targets young Hispanics.

Univision -WlYV

WLYV is a Univision affiliate based in Miami. Univision is an American Spanish language television network with programming targeted to this American market segment with programming similar to Telemundo. Programs include tele-novelas, drama series, sports, sitcoms, variety shoes, news and feature films. Two of its most popular shows are “Sabado Gigante” and “Despierta America.” "Despierta America" attracts 900,000 viewers. With headquarters in New York City, operations and its production studio are located in Doral, Florida, a Miami suburb.

WJAN –America TeVe

America TeVe WJAN is small Spanish language independent network based in Miami. The station was originally W41BF, and it went on the air in 1994.The station was upgraded and changed its call letters to WJAN-CA in 2000. The programming is targeted towards Miami's Cuban-American population. The programming is limited to infomercials until noon with more interesting programs on the weekends. Programming consists of dramas, sitcoms, news, late night talk shows and documentaries.

Mega TV

Mega TV is a Spanish language network based in Miami, owned by the Spanish Broadcasting System. The station started in 2006, and has grown to 11 national affiliates. Its programming largely resembles Telemundo and Univision. It targets a young Hispanic audience, and programs include drama, sitcoms, news, entertainment and children’s shows.

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