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How to Hook Up a Sega Genesis to an LCD TV

Back in the early 90's, Sega developed a game console called the "Genesis". The gaming system has lost its fame after modern game consoles have been developed however the "Genesis" still exists. There are very many people who still love classic "Genesis" games, like "Sonic The Hedgehog 3" and "Jurassic Park". The "Genesis" game console is hooked up to the television in the same way as modern gaming systems, except that it's simpler with just two wires.

Ensure that both the LCD TV and the "Sega Genesis" are unplugged.

Take the AV cable that came with your "Genesis" console and connect the single-pronged end of the cable to the "AV OUT" jack located on the back of the console.

Locate the "Audio/Video" jacks on your LCD TV. Most LCD TVs have multiple Audio/Video jacks. Some models have them all on the back and some have them on the side and back of the TV.

Take the double-pronged end of the cable and connect the yellow plug to the yellow video jack, and the white plug to the white audio jack. The yellow jack is always labeled as "VIDEO IN" and the white jack as "AUDIO IN".

Plug in and power on both your LCD TV and your "Sega Genesis". You should see a blue Sega logo on your TV. If not, press the "INPUT" button on your TV's remote control a couple of times until you see the logo.


There are modern game consoles out there that offer better audio and video quality but Sega Genesis continues to exist. They have stopped manufacturing games but you can still find them on "Ebay.com" and "Amazon.com"

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