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How Set Up an X Rocker Gaming Chair

Enhance the gaming experience by hooking up an X Rocker to your video game system.
joy of video games image by Lisa Turay from Fotolia.com

An X Rocker is a video gaming chair with built-in speakers meant to enhance the audio experience while playing. Depending on the model, an X Rocker is equipped with at least two stereo speakers, and some come with a subwoofer for deep bass. Hooking up the X Rocker requires three connections: one power cable and two audio cables. A video cable connects the gaming system to the TV. Setup should take less than 10 minutes.

Things You'll Need:

  • Video Game System
  • Tv
  • X Rocker And Included Cables

Unfold the X Rocker until the back and seat lock into the upright position, then place the chair on the floor in front of the TV.

Plug the yellow, white and red AV cables into the color-coded jacks on the gaming system.

Connect the yellow plug on the other end to the video input jack on the back of a TV.

Connect the white and red plugs on the other end of the cables to the audio input jacks on the side of the X Rocker.

Insert the DC power plug into the electrical jack on the side of the X Rocker next to the audio jacks, then plug the transformer into a wall outlet.

Turn on the game system and TV. Switch on the X Rocker by turning the on/off/volume control knob clockwise, then set the volume to the desired level. The knob is located on the side of the chair.


  • Connect all cables before plugging the X Rocker into the wall outlet.
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