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How to Hook a PS3 to an RCA TV

The PlayStation 3 is an advanced video game console manufactured by Sony. The PlayStation 3 is capable of playing video games with HD graphics, playing Blu-ray video, connecting to the Internet and playing music. The PlayStation 3 includes an AV Cable that allows it to connect to virtually any television, including RCA TVs. In order to play the PlayStation 3 on an RCA television, a user must connect the AV Cable and AC Power cord to both machines.

Unpack the contents of the PlayStation 3 console. Place the console on a level surface within close vicinity to the RCA television. If you own a home theater, place the console in an available drawer or section.

Review the back of the PlayStation 3 console. Locate the "AV MULTI OUT" connector, at the top right portion of the console. Connect the rectangular end of the provided AV cable into the "AV MULTI OUT" connector.

Observe the back of the RCA television. Locate the three ports entitled "RCA IN," "VIDEO / AUDIO IN" or something similar. The three ports will be colored red, yellow and white. Connect the colored ends of the AV cable into the RCA television using its color-matching ports.

Locate the AC power cord that was supplied with the PlayStation 3. Insert the square end of the cord into the rear of the console, in the "AC IN" connector. Plug the other end of the AC power cord into a nearby wall outlet. Turn on the main power switch that is above the PlayStation's AC IN connector.

Touch the power button on the front of the PlayStation 3 console. The power indicator light will turn green. Turn on the RCA television by pressing its power button. Using RCA television's remote, press the "Input" button to view the PlayStation 3 video on the TV screen.

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