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How to Use Picture in Picture With Comcast

The Picture-In-Picture (PIP) feature on PIP capable TVs allows users to view two TV channels at the same time—the main screen/channel and an embedded smaller screen/channel. Although Comcast provides support for PIP for customers with digital PIP TVs, PIP availability depends entirely on the Comcast cable receiver brand and/or type (standard set-top box, HD box, DVR or CableCARD) and your specific TV brand's compatibility with certain receiver types. Once you’ve confirmed that PIP should work and connect your cables for PIP setup, using PIP with Comcast service only requires the push of PIP buttons on a remote.

Contact Comcast (see Resources) to determine if your specific Comcast cable receiver (brand and/or type) supports the PIP feature offered through your digital PIP capable TV and that your TV is compatible with the receiver type. Once you've confirmed that PIP should work, ask a technical support representative to walk you through cable connection setup, as setup is based on your specific receiver and/or video recorder and TV cable connection options. Connections can include direct connections between a Comcast receiver/recorder and the TV or split connections to separate devices (Comcast receiver, personal video recorder and TV).

Turn on your TV.

Select a channel (Premium or Basic) to watch and then press the "PIP On-Off" button on your Comcast remote to turn on the Picture-In-Picture feature. If you're using your own universal remote featuring PIP buttons, skip these steps. Instead, refer to the manual for your specific remote or contact the remote's manufacturer for instructions.

Position the PIP screen on the TV screen. Press the "PIP Move" button repeatedly to move the PIP screen to the area of the TV screen that you desire. Stop pushing the button once you position it.

Push the "PIP CH" (+ and -) buttons to move up and down through the channels in the PIP screen.

Press the "PIP Swap" button to swap the images on the screens—current PIP channel picture to main TV screen and current picture on main screen to the PIP screen.


  • Always have your PIP TV and/or customer-owned remote or video recorder (if applicable) manuals on hand when speaking with Comcast technical support as the Comcast representative may ask you to refer to you manual for details provided by the manufacturer about compatibility and/or connections.
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