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How to Reset Xbox Controllers

If you're having problems with your Xbox controller, you can attempt to resolve them by resetting the controller and its connection to the system. If this doesn't sort the bugs, you may need a new controller or a new set of batteries. Once your controller is reset, you may have to reprogram the buttons and their assignments in each game, if you've changed the original settings. The same method can be used to reset wireless controllers and wired controllers.

Press the guide button--the large X in the middle of the controller--so that the menu comes up. Once it is available, press the blue X to open a new dialog window, then select "Yes" to end your Xbox session.

Hold down the Guide button again until a new window with different options appears.


Choose "Turn off controller." There will be an option to turn off the controller and the console, but you need to avoid this to reset the system.


Press the start button to the right of the Guide button. This should turn your controller back on, completing the reset process.



Repeat the steps for each controller that you want to reset, one at a time.

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