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How to Use Codebreaker With PS3

The PlayStation 3 can use the Codebreaker peripheral when you update the system with its newest firmware.
Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images News/Getty Images

The PlayStation 3 is compatible with numerous first- and third-party accessories and peripherals, but the Pelican-created hardware Codebreakers was not compatible with the system for the first year and a half it was available. The manufacturer only produced Codebreakers accessories, which allows you to use cheat codes for games that typically do not have cheat codes, for the PlayStation 2 instead of the PS3, leading to the source of the incompatibility between the two products. However, Sony has since updated the console to be compatible with many of the PS2 peripherals.

Start and connect your PS3 to the Internet. The console can connect through any Wi-Fi network that you have the password for by clicking "Wireless Options" from the "Settings" menu.

Scroll to the "Settings" menu, and locate "System Update," which is first option listed in the column.

Press the "X" button to scan for any available updates. If one is detected, the details for the firmware update will be displayed.

Press the "X" button to begin downloading the patch. Once it is finished, it will restart your PS3 system.

Connect your Codebreakers accessory to the front of the console. The device will fit into the ports listed on the bottom-right of the console.

Scroll to the "Game" section from the PS3's main menu, and look for the "Codebreaker" option listed in the column.

Press the "X" button to begin using the Codebreaker peripheral.

Scroll through the list of available games, and press "X" to display its available cheat codes. Press "X" again on any cheats you would like to activate. Once activated press the "Circle" button until you back out to the PS3's main menu. The cheat codes will be activated the next time you start the game.

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